How 'Seinfeld' and 'The Sopranos' Changed TV

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Television shows do more than just entertain, they enter us into works and worlds that we want to be apart of. “Seinfeld” was much more than a show about nothing, so much so, that the characters on it are still part of pop culture. “Murphy Brown” showed that women can lead a newsroom and talk about taboo subjects. “The Sopranos” made a mafia family actually likeable, while giving us the most memorable ending in TV history.

  • Sorry Murphy brown was just another sitcom.

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  • definitely wacked


  • This was when TV shows were super good, unlike today.

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  • It only took an additional 30 years for the DEA to chill out about pot. Not chill enough but it's progress

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  • Good comedy

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  • Bring back Michael Richard I know what he did was Terrible but that was years ago and he did apologize hopefully he changed his ways and we should also change our ways

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  • Is this an archive footage???

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    • Yes

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  • I'm 13 currently and I used to watch seinfeld at the age of 11-12, most people around my age probably have no idea what this funny show is

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  • Uhhh

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  • I prefer the Pax version of the Sopranos.

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  • 🙄👎🏼 2 waste of no talent and film in the history of tv

    • Wait what?

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  • Seinfeld, Murphy Brown, and The Sopranos were three of the worst TV shows I ever saw.

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    • @MikeG82 ha ha ha yes

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    • you have the worst taste of anybody i've ever seen

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  • This was great to watch 😊🥰

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  • I remember the Sopranos was the first show that was very violent and used bad language. This was also around the same time gangster rap became popular. This is the reason the current society is so violent and messed up!

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    • rumination eh

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  • TV

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  • There was a 🔥

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  • Two iconic show with two iconic blunder endings.

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  • I really do miss Seinfeld so much!!!😁

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    • Same here. I really thought they were good for at least two more seasons tops. I think they should have ended it better and that the show should have ended after the new year's going into 2000. Stupid Jerry, lol.

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  • She knew exactly what a one night stand is. My kinda woman. A real woman.

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  • Love this show , still watch to this day

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  • Seinfeld is garbage

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    • @A Subscriber I watched an interview with him on Larry King. Larry asked if he had decided to end the show or was it cancelled. Seinfeld's reaction to being asked was really arrogant. He was so stunned the anyone could think he was cancelled and he was just so rude to Larry King. I couldn't (and still can't) wrap my head around how he can be that arrogant and insecure at the same time. Also I never found the show funny. 🤷‍♂️

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    • @Saro Dantra both

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    • The person, the show or both?

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  • In the 90s and 2000s we all watch TV Together. Nowadays eveybody is on their cell phones.

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    • @TheGrayton2000 k

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  • In my thoughts, I use the technique of positive visualization. How come i feel undermined.

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  • I love Seinfeld

  • Seinfeld also groomed an underage girl, and then married her when she turned 18.

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    • Is that really true

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    • Thank you he married someone else, she was a runaway bride or she left her husband on their honeymoon.

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    • I don't think he married her

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  • I’m literally watching old episodes of supranos then this popped up

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    • 😁 I was watching Seinfeld

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  • 7:56 the most Jewish Man ever to live. Guinness Book of World Records confirmed.

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    • Nah Bernie Sanders still holds that title...

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  • I feel sorry for Kramer.

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    • Michael Richards

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