16-Year-Old With Cancer Helps Write ‘Warrior’ Song

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Mikari Tarpley, 16, is a warrior battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. When Mikari was 10, she starred in a touring production of Broadway's “The Lion King” as Young Nala. That’s where she met Syndee Winters, who was adult Nala. Syndee asked Mikari to help her complete a song, called “Warrior,” which she started as an anthem for her friend battling breast cancer. “Anytime I have those down moments, I kind of connect to that song,” Mikari told Inside Edition Digital’s Leigh Scheps.

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  • Chadwick boseman smiling from heaven.

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  • She has a voice like an angel God bless you and your family 😇🙏

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  • “A lot is going on. But I’m glad to be alive!” she said that smiling bless her 😔

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  • Awe she’s so beautiful 🥺

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  • She is very wholesome

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  • Yes she is pretty and im praying

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  • So, she’s an actor. That explains a lot. “Our disinformation campaign will be a success when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey Former CIA Director

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  • She’s really pretty

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  • Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • Hero

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  • So glad she survived and going back to what she loved she is a true warrior

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  • Why does everything have to be about race 🤦‍♀️ See the whole interviews and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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  • With Cancer Or Not She a Beatiful Girl

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  • 16 & a strong young woman. ✨🙏🏽

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  • She really is a warrior

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  • Allah bless her.

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  • I love her voice she is a rebel with a cause and I love the song

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  • Glad she heathy

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  • Stand by for this song to dislodge bts and blackpink from the billboard charts. Not.

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  • EVERYONE LOOK UP TIA STOKES ON AMworlds. She HAS CANCER/COVID TOO. Leukemia and vlogs everynite and has Colleen in YT remix a song for her. She’s amazing. Proud of this girl too she should vlog like Tia!

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  • Okay but when she song satisfied that was beautiful

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  • She's so beautiful and strong, I proud of her

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  • I like all zodiac hairstyles, exempt cancer

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    • Except* (I am helping correct for you, your welcome)

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  • Why is it just for black women? It should be for all women.

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    • woman? why not everyone, women, men, girls, boys, animals, mammals and more!

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    • @Steve0 ‽ You’re right. Cancer doesn’t care who it wrecks

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    • Shouldn't it be for everyone that has cancer? As in not just women sure it was originally about breast cancer but the song doesn't really apply that so

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  • She is a warrior just like the character from the lion king Nala

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  • Prayers for you

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  • With the combination of the title and thumbnail I thought she found a cure for cancer.

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  • Where can i hear the song?

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    • It's on Syndee Winters' channel @syndeewinterstv

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  • Dear god, please heal her.

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    • @Faken Name YES

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    • There is no God, there is only Zuul.

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    • @Kayla Hurtado don’t believe

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    • @Amelia God bless you! Jesus loves you so much!❤️

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    • @Kayla Hurtado goddammit 😃

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  • She is such a good singer!

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  • She is so freakin pretty

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    • @the Farpy guy she’s prettier than you inside and out

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    • Lets be honest she is ugly physically on the outside but beautiful in the inside

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    • @Faken Name remeber this, she’s better than you

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    • @Somebody Oh, complimenting someone is now simping. Wow..who knew.

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    • simp

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  • this is so enspireing

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  • My best friend has cancer please pray for her recovery 🥺💓💜

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    • god bless her ❤️

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    • Hennessey. RB26ツ that’s not funny 😐

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    • I pray that your friends okay God bless her🙏

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    • @Hennessey. RB26ツ Bruh

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    • i’m praying for your friend, i had a cancer scare recently. i really hope your friend recovers.

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  • I wrote a song called warrior wtf now if i become famous ill probably get copyrighted

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    • @Darien Solis where can i find your song?

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    • @meghan yes it did irs called warrioir

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    • r/thathappened

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  • I can rap better give me a shot man!!

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    • @Sequin Pig Ikr

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    • This ain’t a competition

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    • Sorry but this isn’t for self centered people

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  • Cancer sucks...

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  • Wecyrcycyryur

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  • Mikari I wish you well & God bless you.

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  • And we got songs like wap

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    • Right

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    • @Babs you wish

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    • That you listen too endlessly 😂

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  • Bruh I read "helps white warrior sing" Anyways awesome voice! Bless her soul

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    • @Ice Bear I'm aware. I just said I misread it.

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    • It literally says ‘write’ so I don’t wanna start a fight But Just saying

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    • Imao

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    • IKR

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  • 17 minutes late but shore

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  • Cringe

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  • Cringe.

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    • Yes its totally cringe that someones helping people fight cancer

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    • Agreed, absolute cancer

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    • How?

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  • Poor little girl.

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    • @ChuyIsTheShiz Rude

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    • @Babs whatever

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    • *young woman

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    • 😇🙏

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    • 🙏😇

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  • At first I only saw top part of the thumbnail and thought it was skai jackson

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  • Kinda sucks that half of the comment section right now is saying first. Though Bless Mikari.

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    • @Ęņģŕåvëđ 🤱

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    • @bran bran And I'm guessing "Dipass" is a joke as well?

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    • @Ęņģŕåvëđ its a joke dipass

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    • First

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    • @Ęņģŕåvëđ Okay, I'm actually 2nd.

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  • bruh

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    • *WHY*

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    • God puts you through things to see how strong your faith is praying for you 🌼

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    • @meghan I'm not being disrespectful at all, I'm just asking questions because what youre saying is totally against your Bible. Youre picking and choosing from it what to follow, like most Christians and their affiliated religions do.

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    • @WaffleMinion you’re so pushy and disrespectful of people, i’m not arguing with you anymore because i’ve told you the answer already.

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    • @Gecko Boy why? I'm using the comment section as it was intended to be used.

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    • @meghan So god is not all knowing and all powerful?

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  • She has a pretty voice🥳🤗

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  • Early first

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    • Shut up

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    • @idk anymore i was

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    • Pari - ikr 🙄✋

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    • Natasha Duran u weren’t first lol

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    • @Natasha Duran this girl suffered and Is trying to support everyone who has been through this. SHE HAD CANCER AND PAIN!! and all u can think of is WHO TF IS FIRST?!?!

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  • Shame on whoever dislikes this video.

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    • I’m gonna leave a dislike just because of this comment

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    • They just jealous

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  • song

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    • Song is Satisfied by Hamilton

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  • 13

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  • Love inside edition

  • bruh

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    • *WHY*

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  • Keep going sister. Much blessing for you !

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  • First

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    • For some one who has cancer your not taking this seriously

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    • @Oliver Magee I hope you're not lying about cancer - it's no joke, would be a major shame to joke about it - but if you do, my condolences.

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    • Ok sorry ☹️ btw I have cancer

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    • Who cares

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    • You're the 9th comment. Also, I don't think anyone would care nor would it be very nice to comment this on a video about a teenager with cancer making a difference, let alone any video... not trying to be rude and/or suggestive, I'm just asking nicely. Thank you!

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  • goodluck guys u can make it:)

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  • early :)

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  • Hi

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  • Good Luck to them

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  • To the person that’s reading this: You’re a very beautiful and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine 🔮 My dream is to hit 3k, I’ve been struggling to get there 💤

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    • @Ęņģŕåvëđ Yes, And thats why, you can buy bots to comment on random videos to advertiser your stuff/ get subs , its pretty annoying but Smart tactic at the same time

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