Travel Bloggers Get Engaged Underwater

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The travel blogging couple known as Positravelty, Kody Workman and his girlfriend Kelly Castille, were on one of their signature Instagram-friendly adventures, snorkeling in Jamaica when Workman surprised Castille with an underwater proposal. The duo were filmed swimming underwater, and Cody reached into his pocket and pulled a ring box out of his pocket, presenting it to Kelly. They both came to the surface and Kelly excitedly asked, “is this real?”

  • Congrats

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  • Finally a happy news story during these awful times.

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  • I read it as untangled

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  • Next week it's going to be... "divers who got engaged in a cave die of a new form of aquatic covid"

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  • That so epic if a get married I want to get proposed under water too

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  • Marriage is a scam.

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  • This couples going to have beautiful kids.

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  • then they get kidnapped by pirates

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  • Wow who cares

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  • Thought it said gagged

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  • 1:18 I quit my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

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  • Dumb.

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  • This happened in my country Jamaica

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  • Thanks God that the ring did not fell

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  • I was going ..."take the ring ASAP before it falls off the box"

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  • Imagine if she had no idea what was happening and was like: *HUHGTHEGUCKBLOOSAYING*

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  • Wow fascinating....😒😴

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  • They so cute :)

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  • Lets hope this ring is a stainless steel :D

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  • I was a little scared for them though what if a reef shark came along🤔

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  • It is said when two hearts become one also begins responsibility a responsibility to love and honor and cherish each other for the rest of their days love is a powerful emotion he can conquer hate all the time🤔

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  • I gets excited when I find my baby daddy.

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  • Nice grammar.

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  • Great job 👌😀😀😀

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  • You should change the title to "gets" to "get" for proper grammar.

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  • Beautiful moments like these will always be remembered and treasured. 😊🥰🥳💍Congratulations to the Happy Couple. 👫🏼

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  • This is sooo cute!!

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  • awww I should do this when I get married

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  • I thought it said travel boogers-

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  • We don't care of you were engaged in HELL!!! ATTENTION SEEKERS!

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  • They did it in water so a fire wouldn't start again

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  • Last time I saw someone did this the guy drowned. Lmao. It was like last year.

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  • Great love it 😍

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  • Congratulations till the divorce LOL

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  • Awww how adorable 😍

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  • Cringe

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  • *Literally 99% won’t see this: Your amazing and wonderful stay safe during this rough times have a amazing weekend🍩☘️🍓*

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  • Where is the social distancing

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  • Me sitting watching this single: 😐😑

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  • Is this real no this is an instagram pic💀😂

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  • It would have been a lot cooler if as soon as he proposed a shark came out and rip them to shreds and they both drowned this was just a boring video who cares about this.

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  • Imagine if she rejected and said, “Sorry I have a boyfriend.”

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    • @Michelle Stella 🙄

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    • This is by far the dumbest comment section

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    • @Ines Angel 🙄

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    • @Nabee H 🙄

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    • @Michelle Stella 🙄

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  • What a beautiful way to become engaged! Imagine if the ring fell and sank to the lol

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  • All fun and games infill he drops the ring

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  • To The Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, Wanna get to 2k🥺💚❤️✊✊

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  • Video: *uploaded 2 hours ago* My notifications: *uploaded 31 seconds ago*

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  • Imagine if she gasped and drowned. 😂

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  • Next video "Travel Bloggers make a baby underwater"

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  • Needed this! Congrats! ❤️🎉😭

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  • Inside Edition almost at 8 Mil they at 7.99 million

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  • Toooooo cute!😍💖

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  • Everbody gangsta till the wrong pops out and never to be found again

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  • I'm scared what else they will do in the pool

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  • What's up with the grammar Check the title

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  • Just glad the guy didn’t die again

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  • Don't lose that ring in the water

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  • I thought it was Kara and Nate at first 😂

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  • I’m Jamaican

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  • Hey look! Almost 8 million subscribers congrats inside edition

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  • Imagine if she said no

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  • What if they accidentally swallowed water when they kissed and coughed on each other

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  • Hope the rings ok since it was under water possible salt water can do some damage

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  • 💙

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  • Fun fact am jamaican 🇯🇲

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  • Crying? *Your underwater.*

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    • @Dikeledi Musi why your gotta do me like that

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    • *You're

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  • Cute couple! So sweet! ❤ Best to you, both! Cheers! 🥂

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  • Inside edition is almost at 8 mil lol

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  • Must be nice to travel and have a job

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  • Soooo they where swiming in my contry huh Thats doesnt happen often but im glad it was my contry

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  • All Fun And Games Till The ring fell

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  • Imagine a beautiful mermaid came and got the ring 💍 and ask him to marry her instead! 😃😍😃😍😃😍🤩🤩🤩

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  • Cool

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  • Then they will breakup and get a divorce like every couple does in the 21st century

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    • You must be fun at partys huh

  • Imagine if the ring fell off and sank to the bottom

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    • Hahahaha

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    • When they’re under water you can see the ground so there’s no way he could have lost it

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    • Water it’s very clear so I’m guessing they Would have no problem finding the ring if it fell off the casing

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  • Thats crazy! But I dont remember asking

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    • What is with the hate

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  • This is adorable and kinda unique

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  • Feed me a burger

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  • That’s amazing! 2020 still has some light!

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  • Yeah they got engaged that's pretty nice but just because they got engaged underwater, it isn't really big news or something.

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    • its nice not having politics get shoved down your throat every once in a while

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    • @jamesz z hmmm ok, even though it has real news and drama

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    • this isnt a real news channel. its more focused on drama

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    • @SgtRockUSTX X I’m just saying there isn’t much news about getting engaged underwater, not much of a “one you get older you’ll understand” type of thing.

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    • @SgtRockUSTX X understand what?

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  • What if you dropped the ring

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  • Hey

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  • Imagine it fell out and gets taken away 😂

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  • Imagine if they suffer In there.

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  • Buddy had to be pretty certain she wouldn’t “gasp” lol

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    • 200th like Lol

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    • Plot twist: he wanted her to gasp so she would drown and not have to marry her...

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    • @IsThisTheKrustyKrab To answer your question’s Certain means, appointed to or selecting a specific category for example “a Certain Math class is harder than the others” Buddy means, A way to say friend or appoint to someone for example “Hey buddy, move out the way.” Gals means, Another word for Girl or Few Females in a group for example “Hey you see those Gals there? They starred in the show yesterday.”

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    • LOLL

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    • That was a good one!

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  • This some white stuff

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  • I hope they’ve been staying pure and doing it the Lords way

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    • Not everybody is Christian or Catholic homie

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  • What if a fish just ate it.... it would just be funny lol

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  • Cringe

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  • sososososososo cute

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if they drowned

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  • I don't know how much they post a day but this is the 9th video they posted today...;|

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  • 2020 is fantasy aswell

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  • _Unfortunately the ring was lost in the sea forever and ever because it slipped out of their hands._

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