Dog Jumps Insanely High to Say Hello to Friends

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He used to just be Max. Now, he’s known to his Phoenix, Arizona neighborhood and beyond, is known as “Max the Jumping Dog.” The pup leaps high to get a peek whenever neighbors, especially ones walking their furry friends, walks by. “He's just started about a year ago, just jumps on. We have tons of neighbors just come up and say, oh, you know, he's on a trampoline. He's funny,” Max’s owners told KPHO. Inside Edition Digital’s Stephanie Officer has the details.

  • My dog jumps higher-

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  • So silly

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  • My dog jumps higher when she is mad

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  • Deeez nuts 🥜 this is not related to the video

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  • no offesne but pitbulls and bulls dogs can climb walls and jump higher then him just saying no bragging

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  • I'm more interested in the cleavage than the dog, tb.

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  • Cats be like: l do this everyday

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  • No duh most dogs can do that

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  • the sad thing is that my dog can jump 2x higher than that dog lol

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  • Well the dog doesn't have a fence to gaze out off😂

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  • I know that dog that’s my teacher dog

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  • That not even high when I was in zambia one dog jumped 2x than that wall

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  • He just wants to say hi

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  • maxs humans nice

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  • My dog used to do that but now he's really old and can barely run ill miss him when he's gone 😢

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  • Hi

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  • Bro my dog does the same thing maybe even higher

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  • Max pet Humans

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  • Up next: the sun is hot!?

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  • The dog just wanted to see his Gf duh

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  • Me: Desperate looking for friends

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  • He is we'll trained I wish I had him

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  • Imagine walking down the street and see this 💀

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  • 0:07 I think they meant he got them megan thee stallion knees

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  • My Neighbour has a huge Dog, and when I go even a few metres near the fence, he does this same thing.

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  • aw what a cutie

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  • Max is so cute 😍😍😂😂

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  • Poor dog! he just wanna play & abit freedom over that 10 foot concrete wall

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  • Aahhhh...Maaaax! Why won't someone build him a a table of sort or something for him to jump and stand on. All he wants to do is see the rest of the world go by....ah, COME ON!

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  • that dog has megan knees💁🏽‍♀️

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  • That’s so adorable 😍 super super cute

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  • Title : dog jumps Extremely high Me: laughs in Indian , the street dogs there jump higher walls what u talk ping bout every time I go their my fellow “dog gang” I see them jumping higher walls than this

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  • My neighbors dog does this-

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  • Imagine if I was walking and that dog jumped over the fence....

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  • So cute...👍♥️

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  • Jumps insanely high, my dog literally hops the right foot everyday

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  • My dog poops in my neighbours lawn, take that Pink

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  • Imagine you broke into the owners house......and you make out, but when you turn around and look at the fence behind you and you saw the dog just......over the fence

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  • Walk the poor dog

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  • This was a thing like 3 weeks ago

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  • I like how they introduced Max's owners with *Max's humans*

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  • I'm Max jumping to say wassup to Sara

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  • It's all funny *until he actually jumps over.* 😏🐕

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  • Our dog once ran up and over our 6ft fence, we got her back though

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  • “HI JIM!”

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  • How can you not be a dog person after seeing this video? I will never understand cat people lol

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  • If I saw a dog jump I would be scared thinking he was gonna jump over and bite me lol I DONT KNOW IF THE DOG IS FRIENDLY lol

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  • All my dog does is sleep all day! lol I dont understand how she is so slim when shes lazy lol haha

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