How to Handle Your Pet’s Anxiety When You Go Back to Work

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During the pandemic, our pets have seen much more of us than they’re used to - and many love it. But with some people heading back to work and school, there can be concerns about your pet’s anxiety levels when you leave them alone. Veterinarian Dr. Kristen Casulli says there are ways to ease their fears, like leaving them plenty of toys to play with. You can also play calming music for them - a recent study showed reggae lowered heart rates in dogs, keeping them calm.

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  • Dont lock your dog up in a cage either. Let them be free in a section of the house by using a barrier to block other areas of the house you dont want them in. You dont want to be in a cage, dont put them in one.

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  • Those food toys do NOT work for a long time. Keeps my puppy busy for maybe 5 minutes if I’m lucky.

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  • Inside edition: Your dog may have a secret stash of edibles if... He or she loves reggae music Has an infatuation with hackey sacks or Rubik's cubes. Likes to be referred to as "Snoop double O G" or Snoop Dog. Talk to your veterinarian today.

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  • I hug them and kiss them every day when I come out of work. They missed me and need love. I'm not going to treat them with a cold heart

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